Future Work Check

A model for the evaluation of industrial workplaces

Technologies and applications of Industry 4.0 increasingly influence the division of labour between man and technology. Manufacturing companies are thus faced with the task of identifying new technical and organizational solutions for the digital working world. A systematic assessment and evaluation of technology potentials serves as a strategic basis for decision-making and plays a crucial role for manufacturing companies in securing their long-term competitiveness.
The Future Work Check supports industrial companies in the strategic situation analysis, the derivation of improvement potentials and the design of production workplaces.  On the one hand, the model enables the evaluation of jobs in relation to Industry 4.0 and the derivation of goals and fields of action. On the other hand, a strategic roadmap for the implementation of concrete measures can be created based on this. These measures can also be derived and implemented in cooperation with the Future Work Labs.

How is the Future Work Check structured?

The Future Work Check enables the analysis of an industrial workplace with regard to its industry 4.0 suitability (current status). This is done using pre-defined criteria and evaluation levels with a technology focus on the one hand and a people focus on the other. In addition, the evaluation reveals potential for improvement. The user can now define a desired target status of the workplace and in a subsequent step, measures can be derived to achieve this status.
The evaluation can be carried out easily, quickly and generally valid with the help of the "Future Work Check - Evaluation Sheet".

Our consulting services

We will be happy to support you in carrying out the Future Work Check and in deriving and implementing concrete measures. In addition, the benefit aspects of the model also result in the possibility of comparing workplaces with reference workplaces in the demonstrator world. These address future scenarios of the division of labour between humans and technology and allow industry 4.0 applications to be experienced directly. In cooperation with the Future Work Lab, comprehensive qualifications and workshops can also be implemented to prepare the entire company for the tasks of tomorrow.


Your benefit

With the help of the Future Work Check you can gain initial insights into the industry 4.0 suitability of your workplaces and set yourself up for the future by implementing relevant measures. These measures can be derived and implemented in cooperation with the Future Work Lab.

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Future Work Check

An assessment model for identifying industry 4.0 potential in production jobs.

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