World of ideas

The world of ideas is the forge and platform of disruptive ideas.

World of ideas for the production work of the future

Future of work. Human-technology interaction. The World of Ideas places the most current topics at the centre of research, innovation and dialogue. It is the platform for the exchange about and for the development of new solutions based on cyber-physical systems for the production work of the future.
From user tests to innovation formats, a wide variety of offerings are created in the World of Ideas. What they all have in common is that they are designed for practical application to create added value and insights.
As a forge and platform for disruptive ideas, the World of Ideas supports the transfer from theory to practice. In this way, the Future Work Lab continues to help shape the production work of tomorrow.

Our key topics

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World of ideas content


Future Work Check

An assessment model for identifying industry 4.0 potential in production jobs.


D²UNA - Data Driven User Needs Assessments

Human-centred quality in the workplace: With the help of data-driven user needs analyses.


As part of the co-creation, you will get to know various creativity techniques in an innovative learning concept based on two selected topics from the Future Work Labs. In addition to building up methodological knowledge, the focus is on the systematic generation of solution ideas and prototypes. The exclusive access to the Future Work Lab ensures a direct link to production work.

Method Workshop

Innovative organisational concepts and suitable Industry 4.0 solutions must be established on the shop floor at the interface between people, organisation and technology. The methods workshop offers methodical support in the participatory fulfilment of various transformation tasks.


Have you already identified an idea in your factory that you would like to design and implement in an employee-centred manner with our methodical support? Talk to us!