Demonstrator world

Demonstrators showcase production work in the future

Have you ever wondered which technologies and applications will shape industrial work in the scope of industry 4.0 now and in the future? Will the allocation of work between humans and automated systems change? With more than 40 already developed demonstrators we will show you our vision of what the industrial work of the future will look like. We take a look at existing technologies and solutions and how they might be feasible in new areas of use as well as combining them with emerging technologies (such as artificial intelligence) to create new applications. Take a look at our demonstrator world at a guided tour in the Future Work Lab or come to one of our open lab days. You can also visit the virtual tour at Check it out.

Do you want to find the potential for Industry 4.0 applications in your company? Lets map it out. With our proven analysis and design tools as well as our expertise we will find a path to a tailor-made Industry 4.0 solution for the production system in your company. Contact us and lets take the first step together

International Open Lab Day

Would you like to experience for yourself what the industrial work of the future will feel like? We regularly offer our free Open Lab Day.

Experience digitization

Free information event of the Mittelstand 4.0 Kompetenzzentrum Stuttgart in the Future Work Lab.


Successful with Industry 4.0: Your individual visit

If you would like to discuss the potential of Industry 4.0 for your company, please arrange an individual workshop appointment.

Seminar on the production work of the future

Demonstrator world

From the idea to the minimun viable product (MVP)

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Here you will find an overview of all current demonstrators in our Future Work Lab and the corresponding contact persons:


Ergonomics and safety

The reduction of physical stress at work or the increase of occupational safety through intelligent sensor technology play an important role in the factory of the future. You can find examples here.


Qualification and learning on the job

The latest technologies enable the integration of learning content directly at the workplace or the inclusion of performance-changed employees in production. For examples click here.


Networked production system

The networking of machines, workplaces and tools in production is constantly evolving and offers both productivity and efficiency potential. You can find examples here.


Digital assistance

Digital assistance systems are already being used today in a wide range of applications. Whether as an app on a smartphone, as visualization on a screen or directly at the workplace. Some of the digital assistants are presented here.


Intelligent machines and processes

Set-up and other activities during the standstill of a machine often take up a lot of time without generating any added value. Intelligent machines can support the employees in this process and thus reduce the downtime. Find out more in this category.


Human-Robot Interaction

The interaction between humans and robots is changing fundamentally. Sensitive lightweight robots and virtual safety fences enable direct cooperation with a human. This opens up completely new manufacturing solutions, some of which are shown here.


Virtual development and planning

In addition to the activities on the shop floor, the engineering is also changing significantly. Virtual systems and tools such as augmented reality glasses open up new possibilities in product development, production planning and many other areas. Have a look at some solutions here.


Artificial intelligence in production

What if all technologies were used in an intelligent way? Digital transformation using AI therefore offers opportunities for all companies to develop further. Here you can learn more about the relevant technologies in the field of AI applications for manufacturing companies.