How can a framework for AI and networked production be designed?

Production work describes the work within manufacturing processes and will change significantly through the use of Industry 4.0: in terms of content, it is characterized by the increasing use of information and communication technology within

work processes a shift from executive activities to more controlling and regulating tasks. At the same time, flexibility requirements regarding content, time and place will increase. Cognitive production work 4.0 additionally describes the shift of production work from physical tasks to more activities that include planning and creative components and at the same time support these cognitive abilities of humans in production by using learning systems based on industry 4.0 technologies. Production work will continue to change significantly through collaboration with artificial intelligence within work processes, and in many cases will mean dynamic transitions between system and human. Companies are faced with the challenge of preparing for the future throughout the entire enterprise: increasing volatility, variety, speed, new business models, sustainability and complexity in

Economies and global trade relations require structural answers across the use of new technologies. Companies must consider how to secure the future at all levels and across all areas. Companies must react and shape their response to the challenges at all levels. The framework developed in the Future Work Lab will serve this purpose and the individual elements should be experienced in different ways.


Framework Cognitive Prouduction Work 4.0

1) Structuring the thematic landscape in the Future Work Lab

2) Orientation framework for the work packages demo, learning and idea world

3) Designed scenarios for production work 4.0

4) Configuration logic for use cases and topics

5) Assessment tool for individual production environments

6) Reference model for methods and tools in the production system


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Excerpt rough model framework cognitive production work 4.0