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Digitalization and Industrie 4.0 are transforming industry, as technology paves the way for an increasing number of innovative solutions. But what will industrial manufacturing look like in the future? What suits your company? How do you successfully make implementations?

Opened on February 2, 2017, the Future Work Lab is a center that offers you a firsthand taste of industry workplaces in the future.

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The Future Work Lab is open to companies, employees, employee representatives, politicians, researchers and other interested parties. Come and talk to us.

Our demonstrator world showcases a range of scenarios that cover the whole range of future industry work contexts and bring them to life. It is your chance to see for yourself firsthand how workplaces can be enhanced using elements of digitalization.

We also offer seminars, workshops and training opportunities so that entrepreneurs and manufacturing workers can use our learning world to equip themselves with the skills they need in tomorrow’s workplace.

Research can also draw on our world of ideas as a central platform for scientific dialog and further research into production work in the future.


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Open Lab Day at the Future Work Lab (in German language only)

Would you like to experience production work of the future for yourself? Once a month, our free Open Lab Day offers curious visitors a chance to visit the Future Work Lab for three hours.

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News | February 2, 2017

Official opening

Today Prof. Dr. Johanna Wanka, German Federal Minister of Education and Research, opened the Future Work Lab together with the Fraunhofer Executive Board, institute directors and some 150 guests from politics, research and business.

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Learning world seminars and consultancy services

Our learning world offers manufacturing companies seminars and training events.